Having not written a WoW post in three weeks, I'm feeling more than a little guilty. So what have I been doing? Panicking. Mostly. My step back from writing Everborne turned more into a leap away---the kind one might take from a sinking ship. The waves of despair have a strong pull. For the first half … Continue reading June

Watch Chris Hemsworth’s Hilarious Reaction to a ‘Secret Avengers Rehearsal’

Earth's mightiest heroes have been a little Thortless once again. Thor has always been one of the funnier members of the MCU, thanks mostly to his fish-out-of-water interactions with his fellow Avengers. But it is now his absence from his superhero pals that is proving to be comedy gold. The first time The God of Thunder … Continue reading Watch Chris Hemsworth’s Hilarious Reaction to a ‘Secret Avengers Rehearsal’

Returning Home

I found a seat with a table and sat down, guiltless for taking up all four seats; it’s a struggle for me to fit in those without tables because of my giraffe legs. I left my headphones on and opened my book. That’s every journey I take between Canterbury East and Bromley South. No matter … Continue reading Returning Home

The Garden

In my mind, I can see The Garden. It is summertime. There is no blue snow, impasto on the lawn; nor any stripped, quivering branches; nor a layering of black leaves; nor any rain. Only sun. The Garden is square. Before The Bungalow is a pink and grey flagstone patio, chequered like the chessboard I … Continue reading The Garden

The Iron Way

Apart from Dad, everyone else was a stranger. Twelve of us, including our guide, were sat in a decommissioned bus. It shakingly climbed the corkscrew road (‘road’ being a generous word), sides almost over the edge, groaning with every gear change up the Honnister slate mine. Slate slopes plummeted away as the main road shrank. There were … Continue reading The Iron Way