1st November 2014 was one of the hardest days of my life. "My childhood wish was to have a Golden Retriever. I was very fortunate to have that wish granted twice. Thank you, Lucy; you changed my life. I am grateful to have shared such a bond with you, and although I can’t believe you’re … Continue reading November

Week #17 Overview

As with last week, I'm still editing. I moved onto Chapters 1 and 3---1 needed little work, as it was the last thing I wrote before the Christmas break, so most of this week was focused on re-drafting 3, which continues on from the first. I say re-drafting, most of it has been re-writing. Before I began re-drafting, … Continue reading Week #17 Overview

The Foggy Path

After fifteen weeks of full-time writing, I still don't feel comfortable enough to call myself a writer. I guess that's because I'm not getting paid. Currently. (Saying that, as a means to support myself, I'm a dog walker and carer, but I don't regard that as my job, even though I get paid.) Still, I consider what I do---writing---as … Continue reading The Foggy Path

Week #15 Overview

I'm here, at the end of my final week of writing for 2016, and I can't quite believe it. I began writing Everborne fifteen weeks ago, but it feels like much, much longer. In that time, I've written 113,728 words, or 394 pages (double-spaced, point twelve), which tells the first thirteen chapters (and prologue) of my story. I … Continue reading Week #15 Overview

Week #14 Overview

I broke for lunch later than usual on Wednesday, owing to the fact I wanted to finish drafting Chapter 14. I won't bore you with the details about what I ate. (OK, Minestrone soup with added chunks of chicken, if you're dying to know.) So not only did I end up taking Cass for an afternoon walk … Continue reading Week #14 Overview