Week #13 Overview

I’ve been writing Everborne for three months now (wow, to think I ever doubted doing this) and I couldn’t be happier with my running word count of 105,031 words! (Yes, I was about to close my laptop on Friday when I saw I was twenty words short of the five thousand mark and, yes, I did sit there until I’d produced enough words to tip me over that mark and, yes, those mark-tipping words will no doubt be deleted during tomorrow morning’s edit, but I don’t care!)

There was me worrying about November being my lowest word-producing month, and it turned out to be better than October by nearly a thousand words!

September: 36,227 words

October: 33,960 words

November: 34,844 words

Both months had 21 writing days, and even though Week 10  at the start of November was pretty hampering, it’s relieving to know it didn’t stop me from reaching my minimum word count for the month. (I did include the 1st December into this week, as I took Friday off—I toured the Emirates Stadium with my friend Anna (hence the Featured Image above), an incredibly awesome birthday present from our friends—but I reached my target on Wednesday, so I don’t consider this as cheating myself. This was also relieving to know, especially as I had considered working Sunday last week but decided against it.)

Week 13 Word Total Daily Words
28 Nov 2016 100,591 1,481
29 Nov 2016 102,052 1,461
30 Nov 2016 103,702 1,650
1 Dec 2016 105,031 1,329
Overall Total Week’s Total
105,031 5,921

By Tuesday I finished Chapter 12. After working out what was missing from the first few days of writing it, the chapter wasn’t too hard to finish. Once I did, I was pretty pleased. I think (and hope—as always) that it’s a strong, shocking chapter, which is an energy I’ll try to feed into its succeeding chapter.

I was especially pleased that this chapter allowed me to develop a character further, who I now think will be far more dimensional and interesting than I’d originally envisioned them.

On Wednesday, I skipped Chapter 13 and went straight to 14. This is the first time I’ve missed a chapter, as I’ve so far written them in the order they’ll be read. The reason for this was I know Narrative 1 (which Chapter 13 is a part of) will need a fair amount of editing come January. I thought it would be better to miss this chapter out now and come back to it alter, as I think I’ll write it better once I’ve edited the other chapters, compared to if I wrote it before. I also thought it would be more beneficial for my readers in February to see Chapters 14 and 15 instead, as they continue two more juvenile narratives.

Chapter 14 has started well, but I’m finding it my hardest chapter to write (so far). This is due to the subject matter: three friends who, having recently died, appear in an alien word to assume the consciousness of three different beings or creatures. On top of that, they have to somehow find the fourth friend of their group who, until that moment, had been with them (or, rather, their “souls”).

So there’s a lot going on in this chapter, especially fantastically and emotionally. I don’t want it to be a case of OK, lads, lets go find our friend then, off we go, hum ho! Instead, I want this impossible experience to feel possible, realistic and authentic. Therefore, it has to be written right and written well.

This means I’ve to think more carefully about what I’m writing before I write it. My perspective character, who I haven’t written until now, is dealing with not only having died but having partially survived too, before transferring his consciousness to a new (and very different) body. He is now the size of a squirrel, is able to fly, and has a high sense of smell, much like a dog. Oh, and he’s hearing the gasp of pain of the previous creature’s consciousness, over and over and over again.

As I said, there’s a lot going on.

I’m hoping, though, it will take me two or three days more to write. I’m also hoping that I’ll write it well. (Not that I ever don’t, duh.) This is something I’ll hopefully (so much hope!) find out through feedback, if my own judgement fails to reach a decision.

So this is how I’ll start December. I’ve two weeks left of writing this year, which leaves me with ten writing days. I’d been thinking about aiming for 120,000 words by Christmas, as I thought that would be a lovely fat number to finish the year on. That is achievable, if things go well. However, I’m not going to give myself a target for this month (or, rather, two weeks). Instead, I’m giving myself the target of writing and finishing Chapters 14 and 15 and re-writing my first chapter.

That ought to be plenty to keep my occupied over the next two weeks, and will mean I can have fourteen chapters (and Prologue) ready for drafting when I resume again in January. That’s what I want to achieve in the time left, so it seems senseless to attach a word target.

Come on, December. Let’s do this!


(Anna and I outside, you guessed it, the Emirates Stadium!)

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