Why Hydroponics? Website content written for Biotecture, the UK’s leading provider of living walls.

Short Guide: Holiday Inn Winchester. A short guide written for parents with young families in the brand voice of the travel company Holiday Extras.

Welcome to FOS Future Lab. An introduction to a potential sponsor for Goodwood’s FOS Future Lab.

What Makes a Good Piece of Writing. Click to find out.

Why Stories Are Important. In one paragraph.

Social Media

I am part of a small team that provides social media content for Biotecture and Growing Revolution:

Biotecture. Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLinkedIn.

Growing Revolution (launched April 2020). Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


How to Fill the Dragon-sized Hole in Your Life, Without Dragons_ Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law Series. This critical comparison was recently submitted to Winteriscoming.net, a news website for fans of Game of Thrones and related media.

The art of the food fad: from Atkins to cider vinegar. Lifestyle, published on No Majesty.

Ten of the best binge-watch shows on Netflix right now. Television, published on No Majesty.

Top Four Things on Foot: Dubrovnik. A travel guide.

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer Arrives—Along With Daenerys. A television news article.

Descriptive Writing

My Brother’s Wedding. A short piece of descriptive writing of an event.

The Worst Hotel I’ve Ever Stayed In. In 118 words.

The Garden. An example of work from my MA in Creative Writing.

Travel Writing

The Iron Way. A very different kind of holiday experience: ‘The Iron Way’ at Honister Pass in Cumbria, North West England.

The Man on the Tor. My account of hiking up Sheeps Tor in Dartmoor, South West England with my dad combines original descriptions with quotes taken from various Sherlock Holmes stories, since Dartmoor is the sinister setting of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Returning Home. An example of work from my MA in Creative Writing.

Short Stories and Novel Extracts

Hang on, where are they? Unfortunately, not here. Otherwise it could breach copyright when trying to get them published. If you would like to read any, please contact me.