If this blog is the young boy with the floor-bound stare, then punctuality is the girl he is very cautiously overcoming his shyness to approach. Give him some time. Having learnt that thoughts of 'you still have plenty of time' are in fact lies, I've at least published this month's post a whole span [that's … Continue reading September


If this blog is the young boy with the floor-bound stare, then punctuality is the girl he is too shy to approach. I aim to publish posts within the first half of the month. (Ahem, or the first half of the second month). Doing so takes time away from my actual writing, which is something Emily … Continue reading August

June & July Part I

I was about to write my June update when I realised it was some-magical-how already mid-July. It seemed, according to the sensible (rather, lazy) part of my brain, to make sense that I wait two more weeks to write another zeppelin-bloated post split across two parts covering both months together. This seemed to make even more sense considering I'd had … Continue reading June & July Part I


This time last year I was starting to feel increasingly more stuck with my writing. That stickiness eventually hardened into an unplanned, protracted break. If it wasn't for the love and support of those closest to me, I would have given up on Everborne. Now that I have a year-old retrospect of that time, I can view … Continue reading May


I'm very much the type of person who likes sit down at his laptop at nine every morning to begin work. If I don't, I feel as though I'm trying to make up minutes---and words---for the rest of the day. Comfort, for me, is found inside the rigidity of a schedule. Discomfort lurks on the … Continue reading February


This month had to go well. I had to fill it with words. Lots of them. And I did. 14,075 to be exact. Not a bad start to the year. December was a difficult month. For me personally and for my writing. (The two often influence each other.) I wanted to write a December post---especially … Continue reading January


1st November 2014 was one of the hardest days of my life. "My childhood wish was to have a Golden Retriever. I was very fortunate to have that wish granted twice. Thank you, Lucy; you changed my life. I am grateful to have shared such a bond with you, and although I can’t believe you’re … Continue reading November


‘It’s like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.’ That's what E.L. Doctorow said about writing, and it's one of my favourite quotes that I've unearthed in my quest to better understand the craft. It's encouraging. It's honest. And, when doubt settles … Continue reading October


Bam! It's October. When did that happen? Obviously, on the 1st, six days ago. Point is, October's come around quickly. Before it too slips off into the murky waters of memory, like a seal from the rocks, desperate to catch up with its friends in the depths below, I should really talk about September and (alert: … Continue reading September


Having not written a WoW post in three weeks, I'm feeling more than a little guilty. So what have I been doing? Panicking. Mostly. My step back from writing Everborne turned more into a leap away---the kind one might take from a sinking ship. The waves of despair have a strong pull. For the first half … Continue reading June

Weeks #31 & #32

Taking a step back to re-plan my novel has really allowed me to look at it with a fresh perspective. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather be writing. What writer doesn't want to be racking up the dreaded word count? To feel as if they're making real progress, instead of bumbling around, lost and confused? It … Continue reading Weeks #31 & #32

Week #30 Overview

It was very much likely doubt that made me type when to share your first draft into my phone's search engine. Within seconds, countless webpages of advice appeared. I opened half-a-dozen-or-so and quickly came to realise that I'd been going about writing my first draft the wrong way. Apparently. (With art, it's hard to say there's … Continue reading Week #30 Overview

Week #24 Overview

I need to stop thinking so much. That's what I've learnt over the past couple of weeks. Of course, it's essential when writing---including before you start---but it's important to know when to switch off. Which is something easier said than done. Too much thinking can lead to things like doubt and worry. While they're natural … Continue reading Week #24 Overview

Week #21 Overview

Every week I learn something new about the writing process. After all, everything I do is on a trail-by-error basis. (And there have been quite a few errors. But that's OK. I'm learning from them, and each lesson is allowing me to improve as a writer.) While I discovered the other week that, much to my surprise, … Continue reading Week #21 Overview

Week #20 Overview

Before I began drafting my first 100,000+ words of Everborne, I was worried Narrative 1 would need a complete rewrite. Well, it has. I'm no longer worried, though. Even if it means I won't have finished drafting by the end of the month, like I'd anticipated. The rewriting is as essential as the drafting, as without either I'd … Continue reading Week #20 Overview

Writing a Novel: What I Learnt in my First Month

A round-up of the things I've learnt during my first month of writing my first novel, Everborne. Writing is like painting; it's about building up layers. I've known from the start that what I write in a day will not be the finished product. Heck, even my first manuscript won't be the finished story. Every morning, I start … Continue reading Writing a Novel: What I Learnt in my First Month

How to Plan a Book, Part One (of Two)

I started planning Everborne over a year ago in August 2015. These are the first six (of ten) steps I have taken (so far) that got me ready to begin writing earlier this month. Pre-planning: Failure Everborne first bawled breath on my weekly food-shop walk to Sainsbury's during my third year of university (2013). I can even remember where … Continue reading How to Plan a Book, Part One (of Two)