Week #11 Overview

It’s hard not to be frustrated with myself at the moment. I set myself monthly targets that are neither impossible nor unchallenging. This month, I’m currently straggling behind schedule. This certainly isn’t through lack of effort, or awareness. (Believe me, I’m aware all right.) For whatever reason, on average, I’m writing less per day. Creativity is not always a continuous, automatic thing, though it’s a blessing when it is.

This isn’t to say that I dislike what I have written. Not at all. For the most part, I’m very pleased. I believe quality always trumps quantity, when you’re only able to achieve one over the other. I still believe that what I have written since day one is a mixed bag of good and needs-to-be-improved-BUT-I-know-how-to-do-so. What I wrote this week falls into the former category (he says). Despite this, it’s hard not to be frustrated. It may sound moronic but that’s just how I am.

It’s good I’ve been tracking my daily word counts (I think), as it’s a bit more reassuring to know, when comparing with last month, that I’m only a good day or one-and-a-half average days behind where I want and believe I should be. No problem. Looks like next week will be a six day working week. Knowing this greatly reassures me.

I’m also disappointed I failed to write another blog this week, alongside the weekly update. There’s me last week spouting off how pleased I am to have kept the blog going when I’ve been letting it slip further and further.

I admit, it’s hard to write full-time and then find the time (and energy) twice more in the week to talk about the process, especially when all I want to do is relax and feel ready for the next writing day. Which is exactly what I ended up doing on Wednesday. I had wanted to write a post titled Why I Write but, ironically enough, I just didn’t feel like it.

It doesn’t help to see my monthly posts have totalled from eleven to seven to (including this one) three. I know it’s natural for blogs to dwindle but I want to keep this going. If I’m going to go all the way with Everborne, I want to record as much of it as possible.

While writing will unequivocally, always come first, I still want to maintain the blog, so that’s another thing I’ll have to focus on next week. After all, the more you start slipping, the harder it is to keep your feet.

Fortunately, this week was a pretty good week. I was pleased to have gotten Chapter 9 out of the way. I don’t know why but I really dislike writing “long” chapters. (I only have two more ahead in the near future, thank goodness.) Possibly because it feels like I’ve not achieved as much, as I previously mentioned. Not only that, all my shorter chapters, perhaps bar one, fit under the good part of the bag, whereas the longer ones don’t. It still doesn’t help when I know my longer chapters are far more complex.

I’ll be very interested to learn what my reading circle thinks regarding the chapter lengths and their success. I just hope they don’t dislike my shorter chapters, otherwise I’m screwed!

Once Chapter 9 was done, I was then onto 10 (duh). This was another chapter I bumped forward, swapping it with the now chapter 12. After writing it, I’m very, very glad I did this as chapters 9 and 10 share similar themes and has content that compliments each other.

This chapter introduces another new character; as the character is fairly mysterious, I decided not to fill out a character questionnaire beforehand. I already know certain details about the character but, as I’m hiding a lot about them from the reader, I thought it’d be interesting to see how the character would appear if those things were also hidden from me (for now). If I want the reader to be asking questions, then I can’t give anything away. Not only that, the character is very much about the present, not the past; so I feel I shouldn’t concern myself either with what isn’t in their present as it’s not in line with the character. Again, this will be something I’ll be interested to hear as part of my feedback.

Chapter 10 links in with the stand-alone chapter 6 and it was fun to write, especially as it was set in the same post-apocalyptic world, though written in a more conventional style, again to represent the mind-set of the character’s perspective. It also reveals a little more about “what’s going on”, which will already (hopefully) have been asked in previous narratives. While it answers (though only slightly) a couple of questions, I hope it blossoms several new ones.

I could’ve written more on Friday. Instead, I brainstormed for chapter 11, another character-introducing chapter (yup, there’s a lot of characters; after all, it’s a story about a world… well, worlds), which will make me start from a better place tomorrow (or here’s hoping, at least).

I really am trying to write my story as my story and to ensure it’s as unique as possible. I undoubtedly have numerous inspirations; I’m sure they can be seen within the story but that doesn’t mean I in anyway want to reproduce or mimic something has has been done before. As such, I feel character-introductions (as they also introduce a new setting, community, way-of-life etc.) are a great way to help colour the world and add further distinctiveness to characterise the book as a whole. So I’ve decided to make this setting a bit more steampunk. Aside from Everborne being a deliberately genre-bending story without conforming to a specific genre, it works well in the context of the story. I’ll be able to say more next week, once I’ve actually written the chapter!

The word count this week was also good, thank goodness.

Week 11 Word Total Daily Words
14 Nov 2016 85,123 2,027
15 Nov 2016 86,297 1,174
16 Nov 2016 88,053 1,756
17 Nov 2016 89,745 1,692
18 Nov 2016 90,821 1,076
Overall Total Week’s Total
90,821 7,725

I just need to make sure next week is even better.


(I appreciate my featured image [Cassie, on our walk on Friday] has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this post but it’s hard not to appreciate the autumnal colours this time of year. They are stunning.)

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