Week #25 Overview

Not sure what to say, other than I’m getting there.

This week was slightly longer as it included the Mon—Weds of the previous week too. Emily and I went away with the dogs to Norfolk for a long weekend. We had a lovely time—plenty of beaches and broads, woods and walks, coffees and cakes, and, of course, rain and rain, and even more rain—and it arrived at a good point in my writing.

As aforementioned, I’ve spent the last few weeks slogging through a couple of chapters, without allowing myself the time to relax. Our brief holiday was the perfect cure for this.

Before we went away, I did all I could on those two pesky chapters. I then put them aside and told myself not to touch them until the next redraft. The following week, I’d work on something new. Mentally, this really helped. I’d spent long enough in the same area, and any more immediate work there would be in danger of becoming counterproductive.

I switched off on the first day or two of being away, before my subconscious began sifting new and potential ideas. Some were about the two chapters I’d just “finished”, while others belonged to the remaining narratives. Soon enough, my mind was chugging along as usual. The brief hiatus really helped in generating new ideas, as well as allowing me to feel more assured regarding those pesky, belief-plucking chapters.

It was also great to be able to glimpse beautiful parts of the world—glimpses that I’d like to recreate in my own.

Once home, I moved onto a different narrative. For the rest of the week I focused on drafting Chapters 11 and 17. As their story follows immediately on from each other, it seemed logical to edit them back-to-back. I’ve already written previous chapters back-to-back for the same reason, and it’s a style I’m considering applying for when I continue with the rest of the novel.

Mentally, I thought it would help me to spend a week or two going through chapters that I considered to be more straight-forward drafting, opposed to those which included a lot of re-writing. Fortunately, Chapter 11 went this way, taking me only a few days to complete. It was a HUGE relief to look back on work and not find it needed a complete rewrite!

Chapter 17 isn’t yet finished, but it should be within a day or two. This is taking a similar amount of time to refine, but I’m trying to give the characters more depth, as well as neatening details and consistency with previous chapters, so it may take a little longer. Considering both chapters deal with recently deceased souls awaking in alien bodies, I think it’s going pretty well.

Afterwards, I’ll continue with a couple more fingers-crossed-they’re-straight-forward-drafts, before writing the few remaining chapters which will conclude my first block of twenty. So far, I’ve gone over 97,000 of my first 108,300 words. From this, I’ve removed  38,400 words, leaving me with fourteen chapters at a current total of 58,600 words.

This is SO much better. Before, the word count was far too long for the amount of story it covered. If my calculations are correct, my first twenty chapters (and prologue) should equal around 85,000 words, give or take. This is bang in the middle of my original target. If I can achieve this, I will be very happy.

At the moment, completing the first twenty chapters (and prologue) is my target. Once they’re written, I’ll give them a quick draft before dishing them out to my friends and family to read. I’ve been writing Everborne for about six months now—that’s half a year—and it’s almost at the point where I can begin to share it with the world.



[Cassie enjoying herself on Waxham beach. Even without dipping a paw into the foamy folds of the waves she still had a great time.]

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