Week #4 Overview

By the fourth week, writing has become routine, though this was my least successful week in terms of daily word count and confidence. That’s right, Major Idiot made his return.

I started the week just over three thousand words shy of my target. I had hoped to breach the 40,000 word mark. Despite having a cold, which was the reason for the drip, drip, drip of words (and my nose), opposed to the ever-ominous Writer’s Block, I managed to end the week and the month with a decent amount of 36,227 words; that’s even with having Thursday off and ‘taking it easy’ on Friday. Even on Tuesday and Wednesday I managed to produce over my minimum aim of 1,500 words per day. Huzzah!

Overall, despite this week’s puncture, I am very very very pleased with how September, my first month of writing full time, has gone.

Week 4 Word Total Daily Words
26 Sep 2016 31,715 2,336
27 Sep 2016 33,334 1,619
28 Sep 2016 35,000 1,666
29 Sep 2016 0 0
30 Sep 2016 36,227 1,227
Overall Total Week’s Total
36,227 6,848

So, this week, Chapter 3 got written, doing so with little trouble and much enjoyment. I snatched up a section of Chapter 1 and re-wrote it for the middle of Chapter 3 as it made much more sense for it to appear later on. Hopefully I’ve achieved more pace and suspense in Chapter 1 by doing so. I’ve also come to the realisation that I will probably definitely re-write most of Chapter 1 again, once I’ve gotten to the end. But that’s for another day.

Chapter 3 rejoins the characters of Chapter 1, which I refer to as Narrative 1—the most substantial narrative. I enjoyed catching-up with these characters and continuing their story. I find the more you write a character the more they begin to develop. It’s a great feeling when you get that pop! or click! and a character suddenly feels themselves; that you’ve crafted enough to make them feel unique, distinct. This usually comes with their dialogue. It’s a large reason why I feel Chapter 1 will need a hefty re-write: so I can add that extra them that I discovered later on.

On Friday, I began Chapter 4 (Narrative 4), which continues from Chapter 2 but with new characters. I didn’t get too far into it but I managed to write several convincing paragraphs. Tomorrow morning’s job will be to decide the success of the rest. Due to my fuzzy head, it took a couple of attempts to form the 1,227 words I finished the day on. Still, at least I managed something.

It was on Friday that the voice of Major Idiot returned. I mentioned him before. He’s what I’ve named my self-doubt, my lack-of-confidence; the voice who tells me I’m a major idiot for doing all of this. He’s the scared part of me that will hold me back from ever achieving, if I listen to him.

Major Idiot and I hadn’t spoken for a while, likely as I was too busy being so excited to actually begin the journey of attempting my dream. It’s no coincidence he broke his silence after a less-fulfilling, cold-fuelled week and my first day off. While it sucked to end a positive month with negative thoughts, I realised that if I’m entitled to good days then I’m also entitled to bad ones.

I didn’t exercise at all this week (I usually take Cass for a run, lift weights and do some callisthenics) and reduced the distance of my dog walks, as I just wasn’t up for it. As well as allowing me to think about Everborne, regular exercise keeps me positive and motivated: it is a fundamental cog in my writing schedule. I shouldn’t be surprised to suffer a minor malfunction with it absent.

At the start of the week, I posted my blog on social media for the first time. I’d been very apprehensive to do so—to the point I’d been putting it off. Mainly, I didn’t expect anyone to care, nor want to read it. However, I was so so very fortunate to receive some lovely messages from various people, encouraging me and wishing me all the best. I’ve already thanked them, but I want to say another BIG thank you. These honestly made my day. Not only had people been kind enough to read what I’d written on here, they’d taken the additional time to then message me with their kind words. It was just great.

I’d like to say they spoke more loudly than Major Idiot did on Friday, but when the Major is speaking everyone else shuts up and listens. That’s just the way it is with him.

Major idiot can be left behind in September, until we meet again. Hopefully much further on down the road. I’ve had the weekend to recover, and I’m now feeling more confident about resuming tomorrow. After all, it’s October. The start of a new month and a new target.

I’m going to aim for 36,750 words in October, with the intention of averaging 1,750 words per day. My absolute minimum is to write 31,500 more words by the end of the month, if I only manage an average of 1,500 words. I haven’t accounted for anything less. Of course, anything more will be greatly welcomed.

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